Method of omim prediction

We use the RWRH (random walk with restart on heterogeneous network) algorithm1 to analyze the relationship between lncRNA and OMIM in MATLAB. The upper subnetwork is coding-lncRNA gene co-expression network, and the lower network is OMIM similarity network. OMIM similarity matrix is from Disimweb2 and gene-OMIM relationship is from InterMine3.

1. Li, Y. & Patra, J. C. Genome-wide inferring gene-phenotype relationship by walking on the heterogeneous network. Bioinformatics 26, 1219-1224, doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btq108 (2010).

2. Caniza, H., Romero, A. E. & Paccanaro, A. A network medicine approach to quantify distance between hereditary disease modules on the interactome. Sci Rep 5, 17658, doi:10.1038/srep17658 (2015).

3. Smith, R. N. et al. InterMine: a flexible data warehouse system for the integration and analysis of heterogeneous biological data. Bioinformatics 28, 3163-3165, doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/bts577 (2012).

ZFLNC lncRNA OMIM Phenotype
ZFLNCG08399 180105 Retinitis pigmentosa 10
ZFLNCG04674 228000 Farber lipogranulomatosis
ZFLNCG01897 613810 Retinitis pigmentosa 43
ZFLNCG12039 609532 Hepatitic C virus, susceptibility to
ZFLNCG06936 610093 Microphthalmia, isolated 2
ZFLNCG11358 312300 Androgen insensitivity, partial, with or without breast cancer
ZFLNCG09934 228000 Farber lipogranulomatosis
ZFLNCG05701 614195 Craniofacial anomalies and anterior segment dysgenesis syndrome
ZFLNCG00825 300915 Microphthalmia, syndromic 13
ZFLNCG05213 156610 Symmetric circumferential skin creases, congenital, 1
ZFLNCG08214 615517 Hemochromatosis, type 5
ZFLNCG09823 600072 Insomnia, fatal familial
ZFLNCG07882 608232 Leukemia, chronic myeloid, somatic
ZFLNCG07316 610743 Spinocerebellar ataxia, autosomal recessive 8
ZFLNCG00713 609532 Hepatitic C virus, susceptibility to
ZFLNCG04391 112410 Hypertension and brachydactyly syndrome
ZFLNCG06936 610092 Microphthalmia with coloboma 3
ZFLNCG10483 601536 Bosley-Salih-Alorainy syndrome
ZFLNCG08626 601419 Myopathy, myofibrillar, 1
ZFLNCG08615 131750 Epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica, AD
ZFLNCG06123 601088 Ayme-Gripp syndrome
ZFLNCG11173 613310 Exudative vitreoretinopathy 5
ZFLNCG02289 611664 Skin/hair/eye pigmentation 7, blond/brown hair
ZFLNCG03687 611724 Skin/hair/eye pigmentation, variation in, 8
ZFLNCG12788 302350 Nance-Horan syndrome