Method of omim prediction

We use the RWRH (random walk with restart on heterogeneous network) algorithm1 to analyze the relationship between lncRNA and OMIM in MATLAB. The upper subnetwork is coding-lncRNA gene co-expression network, and the lower network is OMIM similarity network. OMIM similarity matrix is from Disimweb2 and gene-OMIM relationship is from InterMine3.

1. Li, Y. & Patra, J. C. Genome-wide inferring gene-phenotype relationship by walking on the heterogeneous network. Bioinformatics 26, 1219-1224, doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btq108 (2010).

2. Caniza, H., Romero, A. E. & Paccanaro, A. A network medicine approach to quantify distance between hereditary disease modules on the interactome. Sci Rep 5, 17658, doi:10.1038/srep17658 (2015).

3. Smith, R. N. et al. InterMine: a flexible data warehouse system for the integration and analysis of heterogeneous biological data. Bioinformatics 28, 3163-3165, doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/bts577 (2012).

ZFLNC lncRNA OMIM Phenotype
ZFLNCG03524 147891 Small patella syndrome
ZFLNCG07029 614424 Joubert syndrome 14
ZFLNCG05975 265450 Pulmonary venoocclusive disease 1
ZFLNCG01693 225320 Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, cardiac valvular form
ZFLNCG13482 615377 Atrial fibrillation, familial, 13
ZFLNCG11824 219200 Cutis laxa, autosomal recessive, type IIA
ZFLNCG03614 147250 Single median maxillary central incisor
ZFLNCG02042 170390 Andersen syndrome
ZFLNCG01355 609283 Progressive external ophthalmoplegia with mitochondrial DNA deletions, autosomal dominant 2
ZFLNCG06950 615413 Spermatogenic failure 12
ZFLNCG12788 302200 Cataract 40, X-linked
ZFLNCG08726 276710 Tyrosinemia, type III
ZFLNCG13032 308350 Epileptic encephalopathy, early infantile, 1
ZFLNCG10712 609924 Aminoacylase 1 deficiency
ZFLNCG12156 612291 Joubert syndrome 8
ZFLNCG09823 123400 Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
ZFLNCG04859 613671 Mental retardation, anterior maxillary protrusion, and strabismus
ZFLNCG11375 612271 Skin/hair/eye pigmentation, variation in, 11 (Melanesian blond hair)
ZFLNCG03375 201710 Lipoid adrenal hyperplasia
ZFLNCG06609 250850 Methionine adenosyltransferase deficiency, autosomal recessive
ZFLNCG03547 615512 Hemolytic anemia due to triosephosphate isomerase deficiency
ZFLNCG04509 611277 Febrile seizures, familial, 8
ZFLNCG06198 147250 Single median maxillary central incisor
ZFLNCG05895 142680 Periodic fever, familial
ZFLNCG06743 309510 Partington syndrome